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I look forward to serving you and your organization. If you need any other resource from me, please do not hesitate to email, text or call me. I am here to serve you and help your meeting be a huge success!

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“Kevin was our first keynote speaker kicking off our 2014 seminar and he did a great job! Everybody seemed¬†compelled by¬†his stories that he unfortunately has lived through. It will impact their lives in a positive way.”

T. Summerhill-Bishop

Event Coordinator, Oregon Telecom Association

“I just had the chance to listen to Kevin speak and it was phenomenal! If you have a chance to invite him to one of your seminars, I highly recommend you do that. he will definitely educate you and his story is definitely worth listening to.”

S. Morgan

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

A/V Requirements

Kevin is animated and energetic. He works best in front of the lectern and head table getting as close to the audience as possible. He usually incorporates Powerpoint and video into his presentations and runs them from his MacBook Pro. Please have the following available to set the stage for the best presentations.

  • Projector and screen adequate for the size of the room and number of attendees
  • A small table or projector cart upon which to set his laptop in front or to the side of where he speaks
  • Cable to connect the MacBook Pro with the projector (Kevin has his own Mac adapter)
  • Wireless lapel or headset microphone to keep him hands-free
  • A whiteboard with pens/eraser or an easel pad with wide tip markers (for workshops and breakouts)
  • Audio cable running to the back of the room to plug in to a digital video recorder and wired to the sound board
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