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Stay alert! Kevin McCarthy, CSP

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, Trainer, Coach, BlindSpots, LLC

Motivational Leadership Speaker kevin McCarthy a member of the National Speakers Association

Kevin works globally with industry leaders to uncover the blind spots that affect their behavior and decision-making abilities.

He is the bestselling author of BlindSpots - Why Good People Make Bad Choices and CEO of BlindSpots, LLC. – a transformational leadership company developing high functioning teams.

Blind spots are hidden biases, implicit associations, and thinking errors.  They cloud perception, drive destructive behaviors, and impair decision-making.

In 2004, Kevin McCarthy’s boss was arrested for the largest stock fraud in Washington State history.  As a result, Kevin spent 33 months in a federal prison for a crime he didn’t knowingly commit. Looking back at the experience, he recognized, and then deeply researched the blind spots that lead to his predicament. The result was his book, Blind Spots – Why Good People Make Bad Choices

Kevin helps you to expose the invisible barriers that hobble your performance at work and at home.

He is also a certified world billiards referee for the Amateur Poolplayers Association and master pool player – a transferable skill he learned in prison.


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Amazon #1 Best-Selling book in Financial Risk Management and Business Ethics.

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