I was speaking to my daughter who lives in a different state with her husband. She mentioned that the registration on her vehicle is due tomorrow, Sunday. She said they have been stressing about having to renew the tags which expire at the end of June. The stress was bad enough because the car has out of state license plates while they are at University in their current state. Then, to make matters worse, she realized that the tags actually expire on June 12th - a Sunday. What to do?

When she told me the story, I said, “I thought you renewed your tags last year?"

“We did," she said.

“The tags are good for two years. What are you stressing about?"

“Are you sure? I’m pretty certain they expire every year."

At this point she decided to walk outside and personally inspect the plates.

To her surprise, they expire in June, 2017.

She said they just assumed they had to renew them every year. She laughed and said they had been stressed over nothing.

“I just assumed…" was her comment. Welcome to The BlindSpot Zone!

Assumptions are major contributors to blindspots.

Leaders who do not follow up and inspect the assigned activities find themselves disappointed when they assume an employee is doing what they are supposed to be doing but are not.

Entrepreneurs get in trouble when they assume they know how to run a business, but don’t.

The vast majority of consumers find themselves in a world of hurt when they assume they will pay off those credit card charges each month. The banks already know otherwise.

Making assumptions? Assume you have just entered The BlindSpot Zone!

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