Top Three Blind Spots in Selling

If you're a sales professional, or if you lead a sales team, you certainly know your strengths. You have techniques that work every time, and you slide comfortably into them whenever you're in the middle of a sale. But are you capturing every sale you could close? Are...

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Blind Spots in the News!

One day you’re trotting along living out life through a series of repetitive tasks and the next day you’re in the middle of an ethical tornado. “How did I get here?” you ask yourself as fear and anxiety takes over. The answer? Blind spots. Blind spots wreak havoc on...

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The grandmother of fraud!

It is hard to imagine one's 68 year old grandmother committing fraud. But, that is the case for Caroline Meyers of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. According to the Calgary Sun, "Taking part in a dump-and-pump investment scheme has landed a Calgary grandmother the first time...

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