Desperation causes blind spots

Drink manufacturer claims their bottled tea burns body fat. Does it? You be the judge. RocketNews24 reporter, Mr. Sato, decides to challenge the claims. According to the article in the online zine, Mr. Sato followed a consistent routine for 30 days. In his time with...

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He didn’t see the train coming!

Two locomotive engines and 76 cars traveling toward your intersection slowly at 25 MPH and you didn't see the train coming? Welcome to the BlindSpot Zone! According to the StarPress report... MUNCIE — The driver of a Muncie Sanitary District truck that collided with a...

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Being successful from the inside out!

When I started my business development career in my early twenties, my idea of being "successful" was to become a millionaire. I worked countless hours to develop a business plan that would make me successful. Many years later I reached national recognition through a...

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