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Kevin McCarthy, CSP

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach and bestselling author, BlindSpots, LLC

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My passion is helping people come to those aha moments; those moments of clarity from which real change is birthed. We all have blindspots. The mystery is that most of us actually think we don’t. That in itself is a blindspot.

As I climbed the proverbial corporate ladder striving for success, I was oblivious to my blindspots. It was at the pinnacle of my career when I first discovered my blindspots - the hard way. I went from a dot com success story to losing everything. We lost our home, our cars, our bank accounts. Every asset we had was stripped away. We almost lost our marriage as we were separated for several years.

After regaining composure and through much struggle to get back on my feet, I made it my mission to expose these hideous mind-warps known as blindspots.

Blindspots affect every area of life. They hinder our leadership, management, teamwork, relationships, communications, marriage, parenting and personal growth. They even affect entire industries as well as business branding.

The dilemma is making the discovery of them fun. Thus, the birth of The BlindSpot Zone.

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A few more comments from others…

“When I listen to meetings, even when I’m at a meeting at work, I have to doodle to pay attention. I listen while I doodle. But, during Kevin’s talk, I didn’t have to doodle once. So, that’s a pretty good compliment. I would absolutely recommend Kevin!"

C. Thompson

Eastern Oregon Telecom

“Very interesting! Loved hearing his triumphs! Very motivating!"

Y. Anderson

Gervais Telephone

“Really enjoyed the truth & honesty. Can definitely learn from Kevin’s experiences."

T. Wiebe

Pioneer Telephone

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