Two locomotive engines and 76 cars traveling toward your intersection slowly at 25 MPH and you didn’t see the train coming? Welcome to the BlindSpot Zone!

According to the StarPress report

MUNCIE — The driver of a Muncie Sanitary District truck that collided with a train on Monday said he didn’t see the train coming until it was too late.

The MSD truck was crossing the tracks on Robin Lane off Old Ind. 3 near Muncie Mall at about 8 a.m. Monday.

According to a Muncie Police Department crash report, the garbage truck driver said he looked both ways before crossing the track but didn’t see the train. He pulled forward to cross the tracks and then saw the train but couldn’t stop.

He looked both ways and proceeded to cross in front of a train. How does this happen? Blindspots.

Our minds can play tricks on us. We might receive the information visually that a train is coming, and apparently pretty close. But, when our minds process that information, it does not always register quickly or properly.

It is like the Ponzo illusion image in this post. The yellow lines appear to be different sizes. Yet, they are the same.

The next time we feel the need to argue based on our perception of what we saw happen, we should consider that we might be experiencing The BlindSpot Zone!

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