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Kevin commands the stage and shares from experience inspiring stories that will captivate and change the lives of your audience from his first words. He is a superb, authentic and vulnerable story-teller who challenges the status quo and moves people to develop new perspectives for positive change. Keynotes can be tailored for your group's individual needs.
“I just had the chance to listen to Kevin speak and it was phenomenal! If you have a chance to invite him to one of your seminars, I highly recommend you do that. he will definitely educate you and his story is definitely worth listening to." S. Morgan

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Welcome to the BlindSpot Zone, a captivating keynote that delights audiences and compliments your event. The perfect opening or closing conversation to create a memorable experience.

Blindspots are the hidden biases that affect our behavior and hinder our influence.

The BlindSpot Zone keynote is meant to inspire audiences and reinforce an event’s core message. Kevin captivates audiences with spellbinding, real life stories involving some of the biggest names in sports, one of the largest stock fraud cases in his State’s history, and the enigmatic FBI. He even shares how his blindspots landed him in prison for 33 months, which always gets an audience’s attention!


There are more than 200 cognitive biases and thinking errors that affect our behaviors, beliefs and daily decision-making abilities. Yet, more than 85% of us believe we are less bias than the average person. This cognitive disconnect places a lid on our influence, creates conflicts in our relationships and skews our decision-making abilities. Welcome to The BlindSpot ZoneTM.


Your audience will discover their individual blindspots through fun, interactive exercises and over-the-top stories from real life. Kevin’s stories and style create a space for laughter, self-reflection, and internal motivation. Audience members walk away having learned how to discover their own blindspots and adapt their behavior so they can increase their influence, strengthen relationships and make better decisions.


  • Learn how to quickly recognize blindspots and intentionally change behaviors.
  • Discover the recurring patterns that are holding them back from their peak performance.
  • Gain a new appreciation for how to better work together and serve their clients.
  • Learn how to unmask the hidden biases that creep into every decision-making process.
“I thought Kevin did a fantastic job in presentation. He was smooth. He was professional. The message was very heart-warming and I really appreciated his hubris of being able to admit that he made a mistake. But, then to give us the lesson of what it takes to make up for that to survive and thrive. I really appreciated it. It was inspirational!" M. Reding

Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company

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