Engaging, Interactive Half-Day & Full Day CPE Seminars

Very enjoyable class! I do think this would be valuable in our corporate training material.

Deanna Kilgore

Excellent speaker and was a perfect class for us “technical folks”. Best of everything to you and your family! Safe travels and keep smiling. You are doing great with your face.

Lee Burkhart, Bell South

Kevin had a great program that seemed to be applicable for all people within all organizations and at all points in life.

Tim Winkler

Thought-provoking. A great exercise in self-reflection, promoting awareness of the strengths and blindspots related to our personal values.

John Qiu

Truly a great speaker and course outline. Providing guidance in to and through my next life experience.

Mark Genyozian

Thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities. It takes courage to do that and I appreciate your commitment to making yourself, and those around you, better.

Jeff Madrill

It was a thought-provoking seminar intended to challenge our values and what we believe about ourselves.

Judi Walker

It’s rare to have moments of reflections on the self. This course really focuses on that, which is something I plan to incorporate more in my life. Thanks for the tools and guidance!

Jessica Hable

Escape The BlindSpot Zone

Escape the BlindSpot Zone™, an interactive, highly engaging, thought-provoking seminar that is sure to create personal transformation in your learners.

Escape the BlindSpot Zone™ seminars teach learners how to quickly identify blind spots and mitigate their adverse affects in decision-making, communications and relationships at work and at home.

Blind spots are those hidden biases, implicit associations, memory traps and thinking errors that affect our behavior and decision-making abilities.

Awareness and mastery of our blind spots leads to more ethical choices, fewer interpersonal conflicts, more inclusive workplaces, more effective leadership, better sales and customer service, better hiring decisions and reduced compliance risks.


There are more than 200 cognitive biases and thinking errors that affect our behaviors, beliefs and daily decision-making abilities. Yet, more than 85% of us believe we are less bias than the average person. This cognitive disconnect places a lid on our influence, creates conflicts in our relationships and skews our decision-making abilities. Welcome to The BlindSpot Zone.


Escape BlindSpot Zone™ Seminar is highly interactive with plenty of group and individual exercises. Participants leave with a workbook that they can refer to long after the program is over.

Escape BlindSpot Zone™ Seminar is a great program to follow a “Welcome to the BlindSpot Zone” keynote address. Or, the seminar can be delivered in part or whole as a breakout or concurrent session, half-day (3-4 hrs), or full day (6-8 hrs) event.


  • Challenge your own thinking and gain new perspectives so you can make better decisions at work and at home.
  • Change your internal conversations so that you can get out of your own way and be a better you.
  • Change your external conversations so that you can reduce conflicts and enjoy better relationships.
  • Develop a new mindset and behaviors so that you can conquer the blindspots that are hindering you from living your best life!

Escape the BlindSpot Zone™ Seminar helps:

  • IT and Internal and External Auditors, compliance officers and executives bring fresh perspectives to reduce risks and identify weaknesses in controls
  • Leaders lead more effectively
  • Teams be more productive with fewer conflicts
  • Sales people build faster rapport and increase sales
  • Customer service personnel improve customer relations and diffuse tensions
  • Human Resources personnel improve hiring decisions and employee relations

The program is more than thought-provoking and motivational, it leads the participant into soul searching and provides the tools needed to start the journey.

Douglas Smith


Very effective program! Stimulated a lot of thoughts about my behavior and how I manage my team.

David Mazzocchi


When you are ready to see your people transformed, Hire Kevin!