Success from the Inside Out TopicWhen I started my business development career in my early twenties, my idea of being “successful" was to become a millionaire. I worked countless hours to develop a business plan that would make me successful.

Many years later I reached national recognition through a multi-million dollar enterprise. I had arrived - or, so I thought.

One event led to another helping me climb higher and higher on the ladder of notoriety. I became a paper millionaire for a short period. I had the big house and fancy stuff. What could be better?  I was successful!

Then, through some poor choices, it all came crashing down. My family lost everything. We amassed millions of dollars in debt with no hope of a quick recovery. It was my biggest failure ever.

But, was I a failure? Or, did I just fail. I wrestled with this dilemma for several years until I came to this conclusion…

I needed to redefine being “successful". I discovered that success is developed from the inside out - not the other way around. I was already successful before I ever reached millionaire status.

As I continue my journey, I continue to develop success from the inside out. I find myself successful everyday. I don’t always succeed daily. In fact, I fall far short of perfection every day. But, my failures and shortcomings do not change the essence of who I am.

I propose the Measure of a Man (to borrow the title from a book by Gene Getz) is the daily development of one’s character.

I am successful in all circumstances. You can be too!

Join me on the journey.

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